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Most People Don’t Actively Seek to Share Fake News

Fake news and misinformation have been a persistent concern ever since the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Despite increased awareness and (apparent) concern from social media companies, the problem has not seemed to dissipate. For example, false content about COVID-19 has…

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New Landmark Study on Online Gendered Abuse and Disinformation

Online gendered and sexualized abuse and disinformation against women in public life is widespread, and social media platforms are doing too little to stop it, finds a landmark study by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Moonshot CVE, with support from the Oxford…

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The subtle ways that ‘clicktivism’ shapes the world

Clicktivism / effective Often derided, online activism is far more effective than it first appears – but there are big differences between how the political left and right deploy it to spread ideas. Source:  BBC Read all the paperLink:…

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Encuestas de opinión ¿Por qué vale la pena preocuparse por las encuestas en tiempos del big data? ¿Permiten los grandes volúmenes de datos, generados por los usuarios de redes sociales y motores de búsqueda, explicar y/o pronosticar mejor los comportamientos sociales…

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